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Is it normal to have such a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings? I don't remember it being so hard for me before but lately I've been having a very hard time waking up in the mornings...

Anyone know why that could be?
First look to your sleep hygiene.. I have a post here that covers it thoroughly. If that doesn't help and you are good on you vitamins and nutrition then you need to look into a sleep disorder.. something is resulting in fatigue and poor sleep quality resulting in the difficulty waking.

Best of luck.
Lately, getting up out of bed has been taking me at least an hour. If I have to wake up at 8 in the morning, then I set my alarm to 7am... and take an hour before I can actually GET UP out of bed. Why so much time? My brother can get up out of bed INSTANTLY as soon as his alarm rings...
Seems like something is affecting your sleep cycle and you are not getting restful sleep. If you have an interrupted sleep cycle due to one of 80 sleep disorders.. good sleep hygiene will only help to a marginal degree and you may need to take other actions.

1) Do you snore?
2) Do you feel tired throughout the day?
3) Do you have allergies?
4) Do you have respiratory ills (asthma, chronic bronchittus..)?
5) Do you have acid reflux? (Heart burn.. etc)
6) Do you wake up frequently during the night?
7) Do you have trouble falling to sleep?
8) Do you fall asleep in the car when riding?
9) Are tempted when driving and idling?

All these are indicators of a sleep deprivation that can be caused by a variety of sources. If you answered 1 and 2, yes, then sleep apnea is a possibility.. if you answered 6,7,8,9 in the affirmative as well you are most assuredly looking at a sleep disorder (obstructive sleep apnea would be my guess) induced sleep deprivation phase. Allergies, sinus structure, and acid reflux aggravate existing sleep conditions. Too rule out a sleep disorder you would need to consult your local ABSM (American Board of Sleep Medicine) Certified Sleep specialist.

Hope this helps and was what you were asking for..

Just noted the Canada local.. look into seeing a sleep specialist and ENT.. the ENT is qualified to tell if your tonsils are engorged and/or pallet is sufficiently elongated to be obstructing your breathing while you sleep.

I had the same problem for many years and the doctors didn't know why, even with the overnight sleep tests...

I found out that my blood pressure was extremely low in the morning, 80/40...

Buy an easy-to-use blood pressure wrist monitor and immediately check your blood pressure as soon as you awake yet while still lying down in bed... Do this ever morning, and check it with your normative blood pressure later in the day, and see if there is a significant difference which you should discuss with a doctor.

IF you have problems feeling tired throughout the day, check your blood pressure when you have any fatigue attacks...

You may have an underlining health issue if you do indeed have a low blood pressure in the morning which is causing you alot of fatigue... It could be Hypothyroid, Addison's disease, Anemia, or other abnormal fatigue related illnesses...
Me too.. Was diagnosed with Narcolepsy/Cateplexy/sleep paralysis. and have been through many tests, med trials.

First step is to do a sleep test and not play the guessing game on why you are not able to get out of bed

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