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Re: Sleep disorder?
Jun 19, 2007
[B]I've had a fatigue (24/7) now for over 1.5 years. I never wake up refreshed and can always sleep all day long. No matter how much sleep I get (5-14hours).
This is normally an indicator that you are not entering the 4th and 5th stages of sleep. These allow for mind and body regeneration and repair. Do you remember dreaming? If you do not you are not hitting the third level of sleep as well..

[B]I've had every test done under the sun, including a sleep study. I didn't sleep well there because of all the wires though. The woman @ the study said she didn't see anything wrong.
Was the study performed by ABSM certified doctors? Did they have at least six hours of sleep data? A minimum of six hours of sleep data is require for any diagnosis to be made.
I also sleep on my side or stomach and don't snore, however my wife says that I wake up constantly throughout the night shouting in my sleeping, speaking in different languages...LOL!!! I also find myself waking up a lot, but I'm never out of breath. I usually sweat a lot too, but I don't know if it's because of the room temp or not.
Sleeping on your side is good look at my sleep hygiene posts for the best way to sleep. The fact you are talkingout in you sleep as you do is a sign of a sleep disorde.. not sure of the formal name.. will ask my ABSM next time I check in. Do you or a friend have a video camera? Can you record yourself visually with audio? It could be helpful in getting a diagnosis.

[B]I did have Mono a while back when this started, but I'm wondering now if this could be a sleep disorder that is causing me to be like this. My Acid reflux got really bad when this got worse. I always wake up stiff and exhausted.
Ah, Mono.. how are your tonsils, enlarged? Lymph nodes swollen all the time. Mono in college made my sleep apnea cross from the mild to severe stage.. took a tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy to get me back to a mild sleep apnea state.. and I was not a big snorer. Snoring is not a requirement for a sleep apnea.. it is an indicator though.
Any ideas? I tried Ambient, but only for a week.[/B]
If you have a sleep disorder the sleeping pills may make matters worse. I strongly suggest you consult and ENT ABSM certified MD (because of your mono) or a neurologist ABSM MD (because of the night talking).


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