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I have been taking ativan on an as needed basis for panic attacks for over 10 years. I never built up a tolerance and .5-1 mg has been all I have ever needed. Recently I have developed some insomnia and major exhaustion throughout the day - everyday. So even though I havent needed ativan for attacks (have not had an attack in about 2 years due to being prescribed klonopin which is AWESOME for anxiety/panic) I have been taking it at night when I cannot sleep. I have been finding that it is not making me as tired as it once did. I have to take 1 mg and that may help...sometimes not. So I called my Dr and got an Rx for Ambien. But I am afraid to take it!!

Anyway, I was always told not to take ativan for sleep as it only has a 4 hour half life and can cause rebound issues - menaing you will not get that full deep sleep you need for 7-8 hours.

I can say that when I do take it and am able to fall asleep - I still NEVER feel refreshed. Hopefully I can gain the courage to try ambien and it will be life changing!! I am so sick of being tired all of the time.

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