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See I don't know about that "light exsposer" thing allthough I did take my dog out for a walk early this morning. Trying to keep myself active right now because I slept all weekend, something that is not at all normal for me. I don't just mean durring the day either I mean I was actully asleep all weekend except for a few times I had to get up to use the bathroom.

See the thing is it feels to me like the sunlight itself actully puts me to sleep. I can useually stay awake at work even in the day time and feel fine. This seems to be because I work in a live theater where it's kept dark inside. If I go outside durring the day then I start to feel the drowsyness and am only kept awake by remaining active. (like I am right now.)

I'm kind of afraid to lie down right now if only for a sec. because I'll probly fall asleep again and being 1:52 pm I don't wanna sleep right now.

I think I will start playing music while I sleep again. I had been doing that before back in high school to help with something else but I stoped when that problem went away.

BTW I may be off this site for a little while till I can relocate it on my new computer. The one I'm currently useing has recently gone into the habbit of restarting on it's own to the point where the only way I can turn it back on is to shut it off and turn it back on from the switch in the back of the tower.

I been needing a new computer for a while anyway, this just gives me a nice excuse to get one.

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