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I'm interested in hearing what others could tell me about some sleep aids I've tried over the years, so I'm going to give my own opinions first. Feel free to give your own take.

Elavil-when I take it I sleep and sleep deeply. Yet I can hardly function the next day. I'm tired all day after I take it and even just forcing myself to bust out of the tiredness elavil spell that goes on through the entire next day can leave me overly sweaty, tired etc. because I had to work twice as hard to get my body to do anything at all. I hate elavils side effects. I hated them from the first day I tried it. Yet I went back to it because nothing else got me a good nights sleep.

Ambien-These work great when you need to get to sleep quick and don't want to wait 3 hours for sleep to come. Yet I find that I wake up prematurely with them. So while they don't solve my sleep problem, they're a good tool to have around. Plus I've heard that you're not supposed to take them long term. I need something long term until the Doctors discover some reason that I have this severe insomnia.

Luesta-This stuff works great. It's expensive too. I still feel a littly out of this world the next morning but nothing like the shackles of elavil. Can you take Lunesta long term?

Trazodone-it gave me a headache and the sleep induction was rather weak in my experience. Still I'm going to give it a second try.

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