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[QUOTE=cjammom;3191691]Hi all..Im sure I know why I have insomnia..its from medication that I take..the problem is that it is cancer medication, and I need to continue it for 10 more months..a total of 5yrs..
So for me, knowing the source of the sleepless nights doesnt help me at all!!
They only option I have is more medication!! ARRRRRRRRRR
and I dont like that option at all!! but at this point, I have no choice..I cant function, Im experiencing anxiety from days without any sleep..I mean not even 10minutes!!
Im venting here, sorry!! Its just that right now, Im sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!! Im fried!!

Vent any time. Get it out. I had a friend in high school with an inoperable brain tumor.. The did all the meds and it seemed like forever, when it was just our Jr and Sr years. He went into remission. Anyway he had the same issues with his drugs.. pain, aches, and mental funk made sleeping nigh impossible. So he did sleep aids. He would use them Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday full dosage. Thursday and Friday half dose and Saturday none. It helped in his ability to reduce dependence and addiction. It still took a while after his treatment was complete to reset himself. When his treatment was over he went to an every other day sleep medication application. Then half dose daily then he cut the cycle. Luckily things are still going well for him and he is sleep trouble free. :D

The antihistamine was most likely zyrtec or benedryl. Benedryl has the greater sleep kick in my opinion.. or good old nyquil (but you don't want to do that long term). There is camomille tea, and spearmint/peppermint teas. Some other natural extracts and herbs: Valerian root extract, Passion flowers, Mullein leaves, Hops flowers, Lavender flowers, Lobelia herb, Melatonin, Blue Cohosh root and Black Cohosh root. Lavender aroma therapy and scents are helpful and induce relaxation and promote sleep. There are some good lav bath salts and lotions out there.. even a detergent. All of these may or may not help and all should be checked to see if they may conflict with your medications. Sometimes the white noise of a humidifier helps in conjunction with moistening the air and preventing some of that annoying sinus dryness. I "think" about a nice wooden bat for myself on occasion, aluminum ones make that awful earring after a good whack.

Maybe you can work out a plan to help you in the safest long term manner like this. Best wishes and my prayers are with you.


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