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Re: Ambien
Dec 20, 2007
From what I've read, there is something called 'rebound insomnia' or something similar- that happens when you try to stop taking a sleep med like Ambien. I'm not sure how long it lasts - I think a week or so under normal doseages but after taking a med for a couple years, I'm not sure what would happen if you tried to quit cold turkey.

I would suggest waiting until you have some vacation time to experiment with going off the med - in case you can't sleep, at least you wont have to be stressed out worrying about going to school or work the next day - making it even more difficult to sleep.

I took Ambien for only about a week but I didn't like the sleep I experienced on it- it was like this hollow, surreal, dead sleep. My husband said that I would fall asleep with all the lights on- or wherever I was when the drug hit me- it would just knock me out. So he'd have to carry me off & put me in bed. :( Then I started experiencing migraines from it so I d/c'd it. I've since traced the migraines back to an OTC med I was taking but I won't go back on Ambien again. They gave me something else- Temazepan - but from what I read- that stuff is highly addictive. so I dont take that either.

So now I take nothing at all except my daily 10 mg of Paxil. Some nights I don't sleep well but I can't deal with the Ambien sleep.

[QUOTE=jespiker;3228843]I have been taking ambien every night for the past few years. The drug is working very well for me, but I'm beginning to wonder about the dependency factor. Ambien is a life saver for me as I can control when and what time I need to be asleep. What if I stopped taking the ambien, would I then be awake for days or does my body make adjustments and if it long?[/QUOTE]

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