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[QUOTE=salty;3250293]Thank you for posting aleet7. Why did you stop taking valerian? How did you take it, by capsule? How much?

That rain CD sounds great. Rozerem was like taking a placebo for me. I went back to trazodone last night, but I swear it thins my hair and that really makes my anxiety worse!

I've tried Benedryl and sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. I know I don't need my bp raised.

I'm thinking about the valerian...does it KEEP you asleep? Most of the things I have tried put me to sleep, but then I wake up 3-4 hours later.

I appreciate your input.


I've taken valerian root in a capsule form and it did make me sleep through the night(with vivid dreams). I stopped taking it because for some reason it doesn't work as well for me now. The rain cd is awesome! It not only puts me out but it does the same for dear husband! He is part of my problem because he snores like a locomotive when he doesn't wear his c-pap machine!
Recently I've been taking the benadryl because my nose stops up and I suffer from hayfever so it does dual work for me. But I monitor my bp regularly.

Good Luck Salty!

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