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Hello all,

I generally post on the Pain Management Board, but I want to ask a question to the people who would know the best.

Our pharmacy, which is a Mom & Pop type of place, is an establishment our family truly loves.

They tell us that they are having a terrible time ordering (and actually [B]receiving[/B]) the sleep medicine ProSom (estazolam). Are there others in different parts of the USA having this problem? We are in Florida. Honestly...they seem able to get any item we have ever needed--even the ones I would consider "difficult".

Have others recently found difficulty in getting their ProSom (estazolam) refilled? The doctor's office has given us (my Mom and me) *****n (zolpidem) until the problem is fixed. However, we (Mom and I) both find *****n very--and I mean VERY--unhelpful!!!

We are just curious about the future of ProSom (estazolam). I, personally, have used this medication since the mid-90's. In fact, you name it...I have probably used it. I have Systemic Lupus and the Lupus Anticoagulant. I find ProSom the most helpful. When I see my physician in December, I will see if I can use something other than *****n if the ProSom issue has not been resolved. In the distant past, I have used Halcion and Xanax. ProSom, though, seems to work the best for me.

My medication list includes: Duragesic 75 mcg (Sandoz generic), Actiq 800 mcg (generic), Dilaudid 8 mg (Roxane generic), Coumadin 5 mg, Verapamil 240 mg (am), Verapamil 180 mg (pm), Tegretol 200 mg (3 times a day), Elavil 50 mg (pm), ProSom 2 mg, and Fioricet. These medications allow me to function effectively on a daily basis. While some may find this concoction potent, it is the combination that helps me out the most!

So, the bottom line is: Will ProSom (estazolam) survive??!! I'm referring to any version--Name Brand or any generic form.

Thank you,
Jon (Conductor)

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