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Hello everyone I really hope you can help me out here. I am a 34yr old male of average height and weight who does not drink or do drugs (other then prescription medications) and for the better part of my adult life I have had difficulty falling and staying asleep.

I am going to divide my symptoms into 2 different parts. The ones in green only started last year after what could only be called an extreme panic attack that sent me to the hospital 3 days in a row. They usually persist for a couple of months at a time and are by far the worst of the two sets and and the ones I am most concerned about, but seem to go away completely after I have been on a normal sleeping pattern for a couple of weeks in a row.

The Second part (the ones in blue) are symptoms that I have every now and again and have been going on for alot longer period of time and are independent of my sleeping patterns. I do seem to handle them much better then others and they do not seem to affect my anxiety levels at but anyway here are my symptoms.

[QUOTE][COLOR="Green"]- Often when I first try to fall asleep my mind begins to race as does my heart and I find it difficult to breath through my nose and I feel like I have a fever (forehead is hot but body temperature seems normal)

- Sometimes my mind gets focused on one thought (something strange like a cork board or violin or something weird like that) and no matter how hard I try I cannot get my mind to think of something else.

- Sometimes I wake up after only an hour or 2 of sleep with really bad stomach pain and nausea type feelings that is accompanied with all the feelings mentioned above (tachycardia, problems breathing, feeling hot) that keep me awake for hours at a time.

- Usually takes me between 1 - 3 hours to fall asleep

- When I am awake I still have the stomach problems as well as the tachycardia but it's milder then it is when trying to sleep. My eyes feel weak and my nasal problems persist but again they are milder then when trying to sleep.

- This one seems very unique to me (at least I have never had anyone tell me this has happened to them) but I feel like sometimes my body fights me to keep me awake. An example is I will fall asleep feeling normal and then I will wake up anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and a half later and I will have a sharp pain in my mouth or my eyes will be watering excessively or I will have some painful lump on my skin that was not there before ... stuff like that) It almost feels like my body is punishing me for falling asleep (I know you prob think i'm crazy but it's true)[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[QUOTE][COLOR="Blue"]- Sometimes I wake up and my right arm is TOTALLY numb (usually regain full feeling back within 10 minutes)

- I do not have a formal sleep pattern (ie I will go to bed at 3am one morning and then the next day I will go to bed at 5pm and stay awake for 24 hours and then three days later I will be going to bed at 11am then the next day I could be going to bed at 11pm so I have no consistency at all)

- I have night terrors about 6-10 times a year (being going on for the past 20years now)

- Sometimes when I try to fall asleep various parts of my body will twitch or jolt (mainly my legs) I also feel like what I can only describe as an "electric" type of sound that seems to pass through one ear and out the other.[/COLOR]

And for the sake of completeness here are my other medical problems.

Herniated Lumbar Disc (take hydrocodone for that but only 1 pill per day and hours before I go to bed) will be having surgery for that in January.

Psoriasis (doesn't effect my sleeping tho)

Possible Celiac Disease (I say possible because I have atrophy in my duodenum but a biopsy of the duodenum ruled it out so not sure)

Depression and Anxiety (mainly when not sleeping well)

Unexplained Weight Loss (Like 25lbs in 7 months without trying)

Possible B12 deficiency

Constant nasal congestion (mainly in my right nostril)

Anyway I hope someone here can help me out and does anyone else have most or all of the sleep related symptoms I have because I feel like I am the only person on this planet with all this going on at the same time and don't know if it can all be attributed to sleep apnea or is there alot more going on.


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