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Dito Snoopy.

You have to get enough sleep on your CPAP for it to have the full effect, but four hours sleep on a CPAP is better than four hours without it. My husband requires 8.5 hours to feel rested. Before the CPAP he was sleeping 10-14 hours and still wanted to sleep more.

My son 5 requires 12 hours a day on his CPAP, but that is right smack in the middle of the 11-13 hours recommended for his age group. Beware my son minus his nap on the CPAP.. ugh! Before the CPAP he would sleep 10 hours at night waking at least 3 times and take a 3 hour nap. Given that sleep cycle.. the sleep study he had showed for his ten hour night.. he only had 4 hours of quality sleep and her never hit the 4 and 5 stages at all. Crud! No wonder he was a little monster. On the CPAP he is a jewel until he grows. We can see the signs in his behavior and adjust the CPAP accordingly. Sleep apnea is genetically dominant if a parent has it the child is likely to have it and can be evaluated as early as 6 months. Some recent studies are showing a possible link between SIDS and childhood sleep apnea.

I am good after six hours on my CPAP.. any less and I am dragging. More? It is hard to get more.. but I have slept 7-8 hours on occasion and that is nice. Waking up after the required sleep time is met is nice. You pop up awake and aware with out hours of prodding and nagging by the alarm or your significant other.

On another note: For the spouse or child unwilling to wake... I have found keeping a quart container of frozen BBs/marbles that can be dumped under the covers to be the best incentive for getting out of bed. Those buggers chase you around no matter where you roll.. and do not make the mess cold water does. Learned that one from my mother while I was in high school. ;)

It is important to maintain good sleep hygiene in addition to treating your sleep via a CPAP if it is needed. Look to the stickied post for a laymans recap of the sleep hygiene guide my MD passed on to me.


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