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I have just began taking 5mg of diazepam with 1 mg of ativan twice throughout the night. I have been on this Ativan dose for over three 3 years now, after having a stroke as a result of an emergence surgery for a hemorraging brain anyuersm.

I am disappointed that I have needed to add another drug, because I was getting close to only having to take 1 ativan a night and was getting up to 7 hours of sleep about 3 nights a week. This was occuring over a 3- 4 month period. Then I had to travel several times unexpectedly, which I rather do because of my sleeping challenges) and l ended up after last trip getting sleep deprivation for approx. 3 weeks. My pshychitriast added 5 mg of diazepam to my nightly meds. which is working.

Now, I'm concerned about how long it may take me to get back to at least where I am only taking one drug. I'm wondering which would be the best one to get off of first.

My psychiatrist just wants me to think about getting my sleep back which is still important in my healing recovery. Then to address tapering off. I'm I too obsessed with this. To worried and adding more stress to my healing. I am so afraid and yet I really, really do need my sleep. I've tried all kinds of sleep remedies that are natural and my nervous system will have no benefit at all...doesn't even touch calming my nervous system.. .

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