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[QUOTE=Cyndee1983;3373662]:yawn: Ok I take 4 different Meds for my Bipolar disorder. One I take 150 mg of Welbutrin in the morning (1 pill) and a .5 of a clonzapam with it. Then at night I take 100 mg of Limictal and .5 of the clonzapam and 10 mg of Ambien. If I dont lay down right away I have trouble getting to sleep but once I do get to sleep I sleep the full 8 hrs. But when I get up and all day I am constantly tired and out of energy. I dont feel like doing any thing except laying around and I have to help take care of house chores and my daughter. My Ex boyfriend doesnt understand it and gets agravated about it cuz it puts him into a stoop. Someone pls help me. I dont understand what is going on here. And I am tired of this too.[/QUOTE]

Cyndee - I too suffer with BiPolar disorder.... I take alot of meds also not only for Bipolar but for other things also... First of all, how about keeping a mood chart, which can be downloaded from the Internet. Just do a search engine for a mood chart. It has a space for how many hours you slept, your meds and if they were taken, how your mood was and it only takes a couple of minutes each day to complete. It also has a space for other things that contributed to your day which is where you could put the problems with being constantly tired and out of energy. When you print it out it is for a month at a time and then just make copies and complete it each day. Take it with you to your next doctor's appt. I take 27 pills a day due to other problems besides the BiPolar but I do take the lamictal and also take xanax which is alot like the clonzapam. I too was taking a sleeping pill also which was more potent than the ambien however it didn't do much good so I quit taking it. What I ended up doing was quit taking the xanax at bedtime and the sleeping pill. You may not be able to give up both, maybe try one or the other. The lamictal, I take 50mg in the morning and 50 mg at bedtime. You can get a pill cutter and do that yourself. I however just got my dosage bumped.

Now due to all the other meds I take which happen to be meds that would put an elephant to sleep, my psychiatrist prescribed ritalin to help with energy even though this is normally prescribed for ADD and ADHD.

If you have any questions you want to ask me, please feel free to do so. I will tell you anything you need to know. These boards make me feel safe enough to talk about anything and with that, I like to help as many people as possible. Let me know how you are doing. Jenn :cool:

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