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Hello all. I read the sleep disorder boards often, but I have not had a sleep study or been diagnosed with a sleep disorder. (My doctors so far refuse to approve a sleep study, and I can't afford to do it unless it's authorized so insurance will cover it. I'm still working on getting one and won't quit till I succeed.) I've been excessively fatigued for going on four years now (among a million other symptoms. The worst are the fatigue, brain fog and bigtime muscle weakness). They diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and CFS, but I'm looking into Lyme disease also.

My question is this: Every day I wake up feeling as though a truck ran me over and like I never slept a wink. This happens whether I remember waking up all through the night or even if I feel like I slept straight through. I could sleep 18 hours straight and still feel like this.

I thought taking something to help me sleep would at least alleviate some of this, but that's the problem. Everything I've tried, whether over the counter or prescription, makes me even groggier, weaker and overall worse in the morning. It feels all the next day I feel like it's still in my system and I'm even more tired and generally just a mess. It's almost like when I take a sleep aid I need to make sure I can sleep 24 hours or something, which of course is just ridiculous! I've tried amitryptiline (sp?), ambien and a few other prescriptions, as well as pretty much every one you'd find in the aisle at the drugstore. And melatonin is the worst. When I take it I can't even move the next morning.

Anyone have any thoughts on why taking a sleep aid would make me feel worse? I don't know how they work, but don't they (at least the prescription ones) help you reach REM sleep? Or is there such a sleep disorder where you don't get quality sleep no matter what chemical aids you use? I'm trying to build my case for getting a sleep study, but really I just want my life back. I'm so tired of being tired!

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