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[B][I]Now that is interesting, MG!
Yeah I thought so. My mom, my dad, my son, and I have minimal snoring since our T&A's.. but we still have apnea. :)

[B][I]Good point...MG, just out of curiosity, is it possible for your child to outgrow his apnea? Or is it something that he will stay with him? Children change so much with age and there are so many different causes for apnea...I would just be curious to know if apnea is something you could grow out of...[/I][/B]

Some do.. most of these will be cured of their apnea by a simple T&A. My son has had all the surgeries and still has severe sleep apnea. Every time he grows and gains weight his CPAP demands go up. He started needing 5.5.. now he is at 7.6 and due another titration. The MD thinks my son will need it for life. He has a restricted airway and elongated pallet like me. Well at least he has a CPAP and tolerates it. :D

:D Ah, what we can learn from children...
Oh tell me about it. I had an ultrasound of my thyroid done last week, and he over heard me making arrangements with my husband for school end pick up. He was serious and asked me why I was getting an ultrasound. I told him the MD needed to look in my throat. He asked if I was getting it done in the hospital. I told him, yes. :D He said, "GOOD, the doctor needs to take the baby out of my throat and put it in my tummy where it belongs!" I lost it. Laughed really hard and had to tell him I was not pregnant. His aunt is and he saw the ultrasound over Christmas.. so he made the connection. Goosh! He comes up with some of the best lines. :)


The note from the MD is a good idea.. I need one for all our bags. We hauled three to Disney World and back on an air plane. Other than bogging down security as they openned all the CPAP asn swabbed them and such.. there was no delay.

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