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My son has sleep apnea as do I. My son woke every two to three hours for his first 2 years and then every 3 hours after that... so I understand completely.

Your child should be waking no more than once a night at his age and soon sleeping at least 10 hours straight. If not you need to get him looked at by an ENT for OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). 2 out of 100 children have sleep apnea that can not be treated by a simple T&A, these will need CPAPs. My son is one of these as I was. Another 4 out of 100 have mild sleep apnea due to engorged tonsils/adenoids. So ask yourself these questions.

Does your child get 4 ear/sinus infections a year?
Does your son mouth breathe or snore? (CHildren should not snore or mouth breathe at your childs age if they do.. then enlarged adenoids are most likely the culprit.)
Is your son getting 14 hours of sleep a night?

If not you need to see a sleep specialist and ENT. Chances are tonsils and adenoids are the issue. The earlier it is addressed the better for you and your child. Unaddressed sleep apnea in children can be mistaken for ADD/ADHD cause stunted growth and severe health and cognitive developmental issues. So for your peaceful sleep and you childs please check out children's sleep apnea.


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