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It seems like my sleep cycle is tilted or something continuously tilting.
Typically I'm only comfortable going to sleep after 4am. I like to sleep til noon or 2pm.

I can sleep a normal cycle, but not well. I sweat a lot when I sleep at night, and I often wake up suddenly, and usually with feelings almost like panic, and I'll see odd things like 40 cats sitting around my room, or a pair of legs sticking up out of my floor.

It's like I'm dreaming for the first 15-30 seconds after waking up like that. I usually jump up and turn on a light or leap for the door without realizing it, and this extreme motion right out of sleep has more than once lead to injury. I've got a sizable bruise on one knee where I went for the door, slipped on a shirt (on my hardwood floor), and slid into the wall.

When I sleep at night, even if I don't recall waking up, I'm always low on energy and tired the next day.

As for the tilting sleep cycle, sometimes when I have a "normal" sleep timing, I find myself sleeping later, and not being able to fall asleep until later, and my whole cycle moves forward little by little until I'm going to sleep right before dawn and waking up at about noon. Then it stops moving forward. It takes something dramatic like 3 days without sleep to return to "normal" hours.

Another thing I find odd: Even going on 3 days with no sleep, I have a hard time sleeping at night. I've got to make an effort to be as comfortable as possible or I'll lie there wide awake but exhausted until at least midnight to fall asleep, and then I'll sleep until noon the next day and not want to sleep until 4am again. Terrible cycle.

Sorry for the long post, but trying to get through college and hold a job, it's really frustrating to have morning work/classes almost entirely impossible. It'd be like making a "normal" person go to class or their 9-5 every day at 1am.

Oh, and shortly after dark, I often get an energy burst that really is detrimental to sleeping. It's usually between 7 and 10 pm lately, I just suddenly become wide awake no matter how I felt beforehand. This has occurred going on 2 or 3 days with no sleep. I just feel alert and active and ready to do something.

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