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Zopiclone is Lunesta here in the U.S., FYI.

If you are not sleeping, it is my opinion that you consider treatment for it. Sleep is so vital to your health that when you go without quality sleep for even a short time, it can increase your chances for acquiring diseases, not to mention the impact on your concentration, reasoning skills, emotions, reaction times, etc.

You must treat your insomnia as a legitimate ailment which requires treatment. If your blood pressure was high, would you be worrying about your dependence on the proper medication? Unless you are a recovering addict, I would not focus on the possibility of dependence so much, but rather managing your sleep first. I have been on sleep medications for over 15 years. I don't know that I have a dependence on them....but I know that my insomnia is a very bad ailment that requires treatment of some kind. I don't feel guilty for needing medication. I just feel so wonderful when I am able to get to sleep. I do not abuse medication or take more than the recommended dose. My doctors know about all of the medications I take, so I don't get myself into trouble. Medications can be abused, and yes, you can develop a dependence, but first worry about getting your sleep back into a regular cycle. Then you can decide if you want to wean off of the medication(s).

Please take care of yourself, or you may find other health issues starting to creep in on you...


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