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I continue to have frequent anxiety at bedtime due to my insomnia. It has improved a great deal since I quit working several years ago, but my sleep is so sensitive, that I often have mini panic attacks at bedtime (shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, etc.) I sometimes have to take a Xanax along with all the other stuff I take in order to get to sleep. Of course, my doctors have sent me to relaxation classes and all that good stuff, but most of the techniques do not help me. I am not consciously thinking about not sleeping, but I know that it just has to be the reason. I definitely do worse on the nights before I have something I have to get up for in the morning. Definite psych-out.

Since you have had addiction issues, I cannot recommend you take any anti-anxiety meds, especially since you had problems with Klonopin. I would recommend more holistic treatments for you, like I mentioned in your other thread....aromatherapy, hot bath a couple of hours before bedtime, massage, sleep mask which makes nature sounds (I wear mine over my CPAP mask), biofeedback, accupuncture, and of course, counseling.

Although they get a bad rap, for most people, Ambien and Lunesta are not supposed to be especially addictive. I have stopped Ambien and not had any real issues, and this comes after being on it for many years. I will say, that for me personally, however, it does not work effectively on its own and I take other things with it to promote sleep. Phenergan is the one thing, I think, that works best in conjunction with Ambien for me. It might be safe for you to take, even given your history.

When I first started having sleep problems, Ambien really did not work for me. I might sleep some, but did not feel refreshed when I got up. It's because I did not achieve deep sleep while on it. It just wasn't sedating enough for me on its own, so I did not take it for many years. I relied on Elavil and it was effective, most of the time. But some nights, I could take a whole bottle of stuff and it wouldn't knock me out. You just have to learn how to relax and let it come over you....eventually.

Sorry to hear you are having problems and I hope you will continue to seek the solution. Finding a doctor who knows your history and will actively work with you is crucial.


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