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Ok, at 21 I'm still young right?

But I really wish I was a kid again, around 7 years old.

Made going to sleep at night so easy, basically lay in bed, kiss from Mum, and your fast asleep.

Now I cant go to sleep, until gona 1am, waking up a few times in the night, and can tell i have not slept properly, and im up for work at 7am.

Just really cant seem to go to sleep early. I can feel really tired all day, will set my self up for an early night. Get in bed... and im wide awake until gone all hours!! Its really starting to effect my day to day life. I cant stay focused at work, cannot cncentrate on anything, and I and up getting all moody, and upsetting my girlfriend :(.

I dont know what to do. I'd like to stay away from sleeping pills, as i dont want to become too dependant on them.

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