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I have been taking Ambien 5 – 10 mg. off and on for about 9 months, OB doctor would only give me a prescription every other month. Doctor would act very guarded every time I asked for another refill. Hormones have made my sleep almost nonexistent. Finally went to PCP and she switched me to Trazodone. First few nights I took 50 mg, then upped it to 100 mg for the past 2 nights AND I AM NOT SLEEPING!!!!!!!! I took the meds at 10:00 and finally fell asleep after 11:30 and was awake at 3:00 am.

I am scheduled for a sleep study the end of September.

My question is….Could my insomnia be because of being on Ambien so long and I need to give it more time to get out of my system OR is the Trazodone just not working???

Please help,

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