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First thing that jumps to the forefront of my mind is Depression. Being able to fall asleep but waking a couple hours later, unable to go back to sleep -- is a hallmark signature of Clinical Depression.....and is one of the most awful of human predicaments! (actually the Chinese pack it with a parable of 3: To try and please and please not. To wait for one who comes not. To try and sleep and sleep not.) However, we are in a boon of technological advancement. I think it is just a matter of uniting the question with the right answer. As illogical as it seems (I mean what is so hard about that?). A lot of things it turns out. There could be physical reasons for this occurrence. I don't know your state of mind, your lifestyle, what binds your unconsciousness -- which uses the "night shift" to pull its shenanigiens. There are sleep medications used more and more these days. (Now that should show you right there that the way we Americans are trying to live our lives is so out of balance that our very help in terms of physical discord is strewn all over the place.) After living over half my life in chronic pain (and all the losses that goes with that), I can't encourage you enough to draw a line in the sand and refuse to step over until someone comes up with the answer for YOU. Obviously, different people have different bodies that require more or less, and differ in management (and that is what you -- and all of the rest of us must learn to do).
The sleep apnea factor is one that as I understand it, can be undertaken with one or maybe few more sleep sessions in a controlled environment, in which each person may be singled out, viewed in context with their own deliberations and your uniquely YOU distinctions.
Anxiety disorders are rampant in this country! When I first began taking Xanax 25 years ago I was assurred by my doctor (a well known, revered author, especially in the field of Holistic Health services) that Xanax was NOT ADDICTIVE. Didn't take me too long to discover how wrong this was; however, it may be needed if your Anxiety is so overwhelming your ability to live your life, with its own specific differences and varieties (perhaps there may need to be more attention on that scale -- some sort of readjustment so that you can live your life, outside the anxiousness and without needing to go onto medication at this time. But I don't know what is what with your concerns. I can only say what has happened with me. I have stopped Xanax on more than one occasion; yet am on it right now. People are letting the very system that put them on these meds, with all the reassurances of their safety, etc., overwhelm their own confidence in what they are capable of doing. Everyone has a different system with a clinical plan/proposal to restore your needed health (& as I said, we may have more command of our bodies than we are led to believe -- in fact, I view the Holistic approach to medical care, restoring the body to the natural rhythms it came into this world with, to make a heck of a lot more sense (and more and more, some insurance policies are funding such concepts as Acupuncture -- which is just WONDERFUL! So are many of the other less invasive, more natural methods of getting our body's ability to "right itself" and sort out the ideas (good or bad) that you may need to incorporate into your lifestyle.
I don't know the speciality of the doctor you are seeing, is he/she one who is willig to work with you, not just on you? Patients and doctors (drs. who have the credible confidence in their own abilities will not start pulling on the reigns when an idea is approached that could help temporarily at least, yet may be construed to be in the field of Holistic Medicine, which the insecure dr. will not want any embattlement with) -- Patients and doctors must work together as a team. We must stop thinking that we can go the some dr. and leave with script in hand for some medications, believing we are all set. Only to have that medication not work. Doesn't mean the meds are no good or the dr. doesn't know what he's talking about. Just means that particular approach didn't work. What else can the two of you try, along with the dr.'s associates into specific fields? And patients must get into medical libraries, or on the Internet and begin to truly participate in their own health processes. No one can know our body's signals like we can. It is then up to the dr. to find the best method (designed for uniquely you) that will work for you.
My experience (female) is still fraught with that old "authority confines" that what the "little woman" needs is some R & R (and you can bet she does with all she is doing)--who wouldn't love that? To stand toe to toe with a reputable doctor, one who is well qualified
and willing -- even enthusiastic -- to have you as a partner on your team is a self-confident doctor! We females do have brains! We're not going out on a limb that is too flimsy to hold us and our questions up to the light of day. But just one pass at the appointment book to see how the dr. is trying to squeeze more and more patients in the shortening time frame, as it is now, tells anyone that this reality of your restored good health needs more than this one dr.'s capability to deal with. Could be you need another opinion. I mean if you don't know, and nothing is working, then you can't spend 50% of your life, just barely making it. LIFE is too much of a Gift to spend it all struggling with re-establishing its foundations.
Research your questions, along with possible answers. Take control of your own life, your own lifestyle. If modifications need to be made, then they can be. You can tell, the next time you visit your dr. how you would like to see your medical plan layed out. I don't know your medical insurance, but outside of Acupuncture, (Medicare will pay for 2 to 3 sessions -- NOT ENOUGH!!!) There are so many possibilities but it means stepping in and stirring up the flames! WHY can't we use all of them? Whatever works?
Set up your Columns -- PROS on one side, the CONS on the other. If the dr. is worth his salt, he will not be frightened away or argue with you for looking into other methods of treatment. Right now, I feel that I want to ask you to look into your mind and heart and shine a bright light -- are there any things, at least discernable things, that may be tipping your cart too far on one side or the other.
Without the readiness of your strong and maintained Healthy Body, you will not be going anywhere. Americans are running themselves ragged. Just because we can have more and do more, doesn't mean that we should be doing all that. Your body is your vehicle, meant to take you here and there, as on holidays /vacations or laden down with more and more WORK. Realize that the "company" does not know you any other way than a number on a statistical sheet. So long as they get everything and then some of your job description's definition...and IF we can DO MORE--and actually DO--then they'll reward that "near breaking down" employee. Hope your medical insurance is good because you are going to need it.
When you wake up in the middle of the night, your body is sounding an alarm that all is not well and will continue to do so until you may wind up flat on your back unable to do anything, see any other drs. other than those who get sent to your hospital bed (complaining about how bad the traffic was to get to the hospital, they should have made the appt. at a different time, asking you questions about your marriage! I was laying on a gurney in a hospital hallway, when a neuerologist came huffing and puffing up, immediately taking over anything I might have to contribute to his knowledge about me, who I was, what I did -- and he is hoping he can find a squeak in your marriage collaboration because he can hang it on the end of your toe...then he's off to the races!) Yes, Americans are fed up with this kind of treatment, but until and unless we are going to start demanding more (instead of settling for less, getting deeper and deeper into some health module that grows daily without encountering any opposition) -- the drs. make it seem like we should feel (for who knows what reason) we are imposing upon this busy, knowledgable, over taxed "exceptional" man.
The only thing exceptional about 98% (and that's being generous) of them is their paycheck...and EGO.
The "racing heart" does "sound like" a panic attack; but without other tests to be definitive about a diagnosis, we could be walking on a mine field. But as I said, I don't know you, (and I think there are issues going on inside you that you may or may not be aware of -- now that's just me. I've got nothing in the way of a degree; but then just because these drs. have all kinds of framed certificates from the State you live in, other and any kind of something they can frame to show you how profoundly great they are, t he school he/she went to, any outside activities (such as providing "no charge" clinics for certain neighborhoods), what do we know? Maybe he graduated in the bottom 5 people of his class, all the way across the board! Don't be cowered by this egomaniac behavior. Unless and until you are a functioning, healthy, fit citizen for the world you are wanting to make a contribution to, you need to keep on asking for referrals (after their testings are done and they find "nothing" wrong with you, then you may be shipped off to some psychiatrist/behavior modification analyst, etc. All the while, your body may have something organic that is out of balance. (for this is the sum of my story -- taking the best years of my life, draining my ability to have anything left over at the end of the day to share with my 3 sons, watching myself grow less and less as my body weight sank and sank (on Christmas of 1978 I weighed 94 lbs. On Christmas l979, I weighted 207 lbs., and I am 5'7" tall.) Because I had no support network, nobody wanted to but heads with the drs. YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO BUT HEADS WITH ALL THE DOCTORS IF THAT MEANS YOU GET WELL...BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
I don't want to sound like "the sky is falling" but mine did, and continues to do so. So, I cannot bear to hear someone else seeking help, HELP and not getting it, unless they are wealthy or are canterous, unafraid to stand toe to toe with the dr. You have a right to that. That document, all those years ago -- "We the people....." "right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" " provide for the COMMON WELFARE". Don't let them take away the best years of your lives. YOU MUST DO WHAT YOU THINK YOU CANNOT.

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