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You asked what kind of specialist I am seeing, her card just says Nurse Practitioner, sleep specialist. I had both sleep studies at a sleep lab in the Hospital, the report is put out by a Pulmonologist that is in a clinic next to the hospital, if any of the patients have problems after the sleep study like needing a cpap, he refers those patients to the Nurse Practitioner, sleep specialist that has an office in the sleep lab at the hospital. Did you catch all that??? It is my Primary Care Doc. that sent me to the Hospital for the study but has admitted she is not very knowledgeable about sleep disorders. I saw the sleep specialist last week seeing her for the first time, honestly I was not too impressed. I will see how she handles my concerns after having this last sleep study. If I am not happy with her, then off to find another sleep specialist I go. My Primary care said the new doc. coming into their office in December is fresh out of school and took a real interest in sleep disorders and wants to spend some time helping patients with sleep disorders, so if nothing else I will give him a try.

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