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Long one, sorry.

Ok, it's 2am and I'm mildly freaked out. I had some trouble getting to sleep tonight due to a headache and restlessness, went to bed at about 11:30, got up thinking maybe dehydration was the problem. I was feeling very tense and had a spot of pain right at the top centre of my head. I had a big drink of water at 12:30, then dozed for a while ...

I suppose I was half asleep and I heard a short buzz, sounded like it was in the next room - then heard it again. I thought maybe my cell phone was ringing on vibrate and I went through the classic "do i get up to answer it - it's the middle of the night, so who'd be calling" thought process. Then the buzzing kicked in in earnest - it got louder and continuous. I couldn't move my body, the tension in my neck was incredible. I panicked and tried to call out but couldn't. After what was probably only a few seconds the buzzing faded into background noise and I got my body back, with a weird sensation throughout my body.

As the paralysis passed, i got a very localised headache on the left side of my head and my neck and scalp were still very tense. It was about 1:40. I've spent the last hour googling to try to work out what happened.

Meanwhile, the headache has shifted to the right side of the head, with a weird feeling in my right ear. The neck tension is currently worse on the right and goes all the way down my arm.

I've never had the buzzing before, or that intense a paralysis. i have, in the past, woken up in sense of doom/racing heart mode, but this wasn't that. I have also, in the past week, had the weird body sensation i got at the end of this episode, but without any awareness of buzzing or paralysis (just incredible tension immediately before hand).

I had a weird not-quite-headache most of the evening - the sort that sounds like it could be what is sometimes called a pre-migrane aura. I've been getting them a lot this year. This one did turn into a proper headache (they usually don't), but not with the sort of intensity that I would associate with a migraine (I've never actually had a migraine as far as I know).

More generally:

If I have a carb heavy lunch I cannot function in the afternoon - I have a total crash and will fall asleep at my desk at work two hours later. This is a non-optional nap.

I've always had daytime sleep issues - I had a reputation in school and university for falling asleep in class and was always a heavy sleeper. I remember that as a teenager I would regularly sleep for about 12-14 hours a day during the summer holidays. My mother says I was a constant sleeper as a baby.

This year I've also noticed a really bad tendency to crash during meetings at work. I'll start to feel disconnected from the meeting, and start to nod off and/or my vision splits (if I'm bored I find myself trying to see how far apart I can get the two images of my pen).

I'll fight it, but at some point my brain just... resets. I black out for half a second. I have meeting notes where you can see it happen in my handwriting - the writing will get worse and worse, then all of a sudden there will just be a couple of squiggles instead of one or two words... then it's fine again. Last time it happened I was acutely aware of my inability to write the word I was trying to write just before the reset. Afterwards I get a headache, but it's more head weirdness than pain. If I'm called upon to say anything during one of these episodes it usually takes me a few moments to collect my thoughts and be able to speak.

I was recently diagnosed with very low vitamin D and Iodine and have been taking supplements for that for about a month. I was also taking a magnesium supplement before bed for about a month, but I ran out a week ago. Yes, I have been suffering from a level of tension and anxiety in general, which the supplements seem to have helped a great deal.

I'd really appreciate some advice. My local GP is nice enough but I don't have high expectations with something like this, so I'd like to go armed with some suggestions.

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