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The first thing that comes to mind is med side effects as some meds (antidepressants in particular) can cause one to grind one's teeth. and interfere with one's bite.

But there is another condition that comes to mind and that is Lyme disease...but if you have Lyme, the tongue biting would probably accompany alot of unexplained problems that may have been lumped together and misdiagnosed as MS, Fibro, or some other condition.
Thanks for the replies. It's getting bad. My tongue is so sore and swollen from all the bites. It seems to happen more when I'm just drifting off to sleep. Sometimes it is the side of my tongue, but most of the time it's the left side of the tip. That's the part that's red and swollen from the bites. I bite it so hard that it bleeds. I'm getting really frustrated. I don't see my doctor until the end of April. It's driving me nuts. Again, thanks for the replies.

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