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[QUOTE=jann71;3917308]Just thought I'd post an update. I saw one of my doctors yesterday and told him about my tongue biting. He thinks I may be having mini seizures, probably caused by oxygen deprivation, probably caused by my severe sleep apnea that is not being treated because I have been intolerant to the CPAP.[/QUOTE]

I have been experiencing the very same problem for years. It happens often just as I am drifting off to sleep, but it must also occur several times during the night. The one consolation is that, no matter how severely the tongue is bitten, although the pain is intense at first, healing is pretty rapid. Even when pieces of flesh are missing, they grow back like new if a way can be found to stop biting and allow it to heal for a while. I am a mouth breather when asleep, and I have found that sleeping on my stomach, with my head turned in a way that immobilizes my jaw somewhat before drifting off, helps. It is worst when my nose is stuffed up and/or I am drifting off sitting in a recliner. I wish I could find a better solution, but having bite guards or any other paraphernalia in my mouth makes sleep very difficult. I'm not a doctor and may be wrong, but I doubt that these are "mini seizures", or anything more than jaw muscle "spasms", as I don't think I have sleep apnea. The spasms occur early in the sleep pattern, and I don't think I am normally deprived of oxygen when it happens. Still, it is a possibility that I will keep it mind. One other thing: It seems much worse when I am sleep deprived. If I am well rested and on a consistent, generous sleep schedule, the frequency of occurrence drops considerably.

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