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[QUOTE=vasdef;4113061]First off, I have sleep apnea, and have been using Cpap for about 8 yrs.
I take Mirapex for RLS
I have ADHD and Narcolepsy and take Adderall XR for both.
And I take Prozac,Lithium,and Depakote for Bipolar disorder.

As u can see I have a busy schedule, not including work,family and hobbies.

I've noticed postings from others about vibrating while sleeping, but they recall their vibrating. The only reason I know I do is because my wife tells me. I've been vibrating for at least a year or more, and have never recalled it happening.
My sleep doctor doesn't know what it means, and when I take a sleep study, guess what? I don't vibrate for the sleep study.

At this point I don't even care any more, if I vibrate enough that it really upsets my wifes sleep, I drag my pillow downstairs and sleep on the couch.

Maybe I have too many afflictions, or take too many meds.:jester:

BTW, I was vibrating well before taking the Adderall, which is a stimulant. So, its not that.

If anyone has any worthwhile input, please do post.


[COLOR="Blue"] Did you ever take ativan?[/COLOR]

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