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Thanks for the rather quick reply! Ya know its just good to know that there is someone out there listening to you so thanks.

My GP had mentioned going on to "taking much stronger meds".....he didn't mention this one by name but I think its one of a few he had in mind and his worry was the side effects could be really bad and irreversible. We decided to pass. I can't work because of the problems with my spine so I guess I just have to live with sleeping when my body will sleep. I tried his new Doctoral effort, Lorazepam (Ativan) with no success in sleeping. It did make me feel one with the couch then bed. But I laid there for an hour and decided to get up and do something else (as good sleep hygiene suggests). At 3am I ended up taking an Ambien CR that my Dr's PA had given me and it combo with the Ativan which I had taken 3 hours prior. So I am going to call my Dr. and ask him is its ok to take Ativan at like 7pm and then Ambien at 10pm. I would go with Ambien CR but I don't think its in generic so its super pricey and I am already paying close to $350/month on medication.

On a side note, the recent "fix" in the Medicare "donut hole" is a joke. We figured out my donut hole cost would be a couple thousand dollars and a reimbursement check for $250 is insane. When I had insurance I was much better off. I was taking the meds I needed. Cymbalta instead of Celexa. Oxycontin rather than methadone, Androgel rather than a compounded paste (testosterone), and on and on. Medicare part D is still a racket and little gem for the pharma's. Grrr. -end rant

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