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[QUOTE=Bilbo;4220609]Hey No change. Still struggling to fall asleep. Didn't fall asleep till 5am yesterday and got up at 11am. Not going well. Really frustrated with my GP. Some of the meds he has scribed are just, well, wrong!,

I should have added that I was on 40 mg of Methadone + 1-4 10/325 Norco per day. Wish I had room in my siggy. At first the Methadone made me a bit sleepy but not enough to fall asleep. After my lower back 3 level fusion with the Dynesys System (look it up, its pretty cool if you are not familiar with it). I was taking about 300 mg/day of Avinza or Kadian (time released morphine) and it didn't make me sleepy. The only time mophine made me sleepy was post op and I think that had just as much to do with the anesthesia and the healing process. Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately this is chronic, hard core insomnia where 4 mg of xanax doesn't work. Valuim doesn't work. Klonopin, trazadone, Ambien, Lunesta, Fluraxepam, Mirtazapine and Risperidone all failed. Ambien worked for a good time but I became tolerant. They work if combined with Xanax but it still takes me forever to fall asleep and the combo cause me to sleep to late. If I try to get up at a reasonable hour I am soooo groggy.

I have given up on my GP and told him I want to see a specialist. Especially after prescribing Risperedone which is NOT a tranquilizer like he said. In fact he kidding called it a HORSE TRANQUILIZER. He was alluding to my size at 6'5/280lbs. He also called it some very heavy duty artillery. It's a dang Anti-Psychotic mainly for kids with Autism and schizophrenia. No wonder the pharmacist looked at me funny when I told him it was prescribed for Insomnia. Its the 1st time during a "pharmacist consult" that he just told me to read "this page" and walked off. Normally they tell you what its for and the side effects. It was very weird.

Someday I will sleep. Feel like I have the movie "The Machinist" playing on loop! Well, maybe not that bad. Good movie for those whole like Christian Bale and Insomnia, puzzles and twisted[/QUOTE]


How are you Biblo?

I am doing some browsing today and trying to catch up with past threads
so I found the link to follow them again.

Still the ongoing trying to fall asleep, sleep well and wake up without
feeling to groggy. I can only imagine how frustrating it all is!

I don't remember if you ever mentioned having a sleep study done for
a 3 day intake at the hospital sleep study centers? It seems you did but
I'd have to reread all posts. Anyway the study would show all the things
that you already know about yourself and sleep patterns, why and etc.
You are so abreast of your challenges that it most likely would not reveil
anything you did not already know.

I had a study done years ago. May have one done again soon although
I am presently doing decently.

The medication can be a vicious cycle of trial and error
can't it, and then at best sometimes it still is not much to sink ones
teeth into.

Warmest regards in your journey,


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