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I am 38 and for my entire life, even when i was born, i sleep for long periods of time. When i was a baby my mom use to have to wake me up just to eat and said i would sleep sometimes 23 out of 24 hours and then still be tired. This is still going on although not like that lol i can sleep for 12 hours,awake for 3, then badly need to have a 1-3 hour snooze then go to bed again for the night. I feel like i am sleeping my life away! i can drink 2-3 cups of coffee and still sleep an hour later with no problem! I had had tests ran when i was young and the Dr said nothing was wrong i was just one of those people but now it is effecting my social life because i am always tired! i also know that sleeping long periods of time can make you tired as well later on in the day but even if i sleep 7-8 hours nothing is different, now i should mention i do take meds, effexor, clonazepam and ironically zopoclone (sleeping pill) because if i do take one of my naps, when it is ready for bed, even though i am tired i toss and turn for hours so i take it to help me go to sleep. I know this sounds backwards after mentioning this BUT this need of meds has only been going on for a few years, where as my long sleep amounts have been all my life so it doesn't explain my problem! At about 6-8 pm is when it is the worst trying to stay awake and i don't have the energy to try to do something to keep awake either! i also am a very vivid dreamer and sometimes i want to wake up but am enjoying my dream so much i will just say one more hour and so on.....ugh....the only thing i have been told is i have low iron, related? have no idea! i just don't want to spend my life sleeping it away:( is there anything i can do other than "force" myself to stay awake?

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