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Hey there. This is the first time I've had to seek health advice in my entire life, so I may be a little rusty here. I'm generally a healthy guy, I don't suffer from any conditions or allergies, I have annoying OCD but that's really mild. My main problem for as long as I can even remember is frequent attacks from sleep paralysis... no one in my family or social circle seems to have any idea what it is, but I suffer from it at least twice a month, which doesn't sound an awful lot, however articles on sleep paralysis have led me to believe that only a handful of the population get it once a lifetime, so the fact that I suffer from it frequently is just making me feel uneasy. I don't find it easy sleeping as it is, it takes a good couple of hours at least to fall asleep, and every so often about four hours into my sleep I'll have sleep paralysis, but then it'll recur after that until I finally give up and decide to stay up. I also get sleep paralysis very strongly; it tends to last for about five minutes and it makes me really panic. I had an attack this morning again and it got to the point where I was totally paralyzed with my eyes open, which is a first for me, and I can tell you, it was extremely uncomfortable and frustrating.

Does anyone know if this is remotely normal? Any advice, tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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