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My daughter will be 4 in January and she STILL get's days and nights backwards. At least half of her life, she has slept on a backwards schedule, up all night, sleep all day. I'm losing my mind. I've been looking for over 2 years for answers and I can honestly find NOTHING on TODDLERS who have this problem.

Her sleep is spuratic, inconsistant. Even her inconsistancies are inconsistant. I can't find any patterns in her sleep. I've logged her sleep on and off for over a year, maybe more.

She has days where she will practically stay up for 24 hrs straight, she has days where she will NAP for 3-5 hours. She'll go through cycles where she sleeps 5 hours at night, 5 during the day, 5 more at night, 5 during the day.

She NEVER not naps. She wont skip it. 4 years, she skipped napped only like 2-4x. Say we skip her afternoon nap in hopes of going to bed early 9like every other kid in the world would do)....nope, if she skips naps she'll NAP at bedtime! Everytime! So then she ends up all night:(

Just recently I have noticed one thing, this is new. She typically needs 10 hours at night plus a 2 hour nap during the day. So if she only sleeps 7 hours at night (like she has been), the 3 hours she missed she will tap onto her nap..meaning her 2 hour nap becomes a 5 hour nap. So then, we end up all night. I cannot for the life of me to get her to sleep more than 5-7 hours. She wakes up wide awake, really. Then when naptime comes I try to wake her after 2 hours and I can't, she will not get up. I bribe her, poke her, move her, re-locate her, use alarm clock, talk to her for hours straight and she won't so much as speak a word, she's SO tired. Ugh.

She got up at 3am this morning and instead of going to bed early she takes a long nap (that I can't wake her from) so now I'll have to stay up over 24 hours (again!) because she'll be up all night. I'm literally sick and tired of this. She can't go to preschool or do activities because of this, however she's a happy healthy child, super happy all the time, never sick.

I've looked EVERYWHERE for answers, google, forums, mom groups, moms, doctors, books...noone knows what I'm talking abut or has experienced it. Please please help, I'm so tired and depressed over this and of course worried about my little girl who has some sleep issue....or something.

The only thing that sounds like her is Non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome but I can only find info on adults with this, not toddlers. And yes, I've tried strict routine, no routine, bath before bed, massage, storyitime..all of it. Doesn't help.

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