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Hi for 10 yrs or more i have suffered with bad sleep and daytime sleepness, when i was active before i got ill 4 yrs ago with fibromyalgia i solved this by keeping super active and drinking loads caffine when i had kids i just worked really hard but whenever i was in a meeting sat down with the kids watched a film read anything i would fall asleep i always thought i pushed myself too much but now i feel it is because i dont sleep proper now it is far worst as due to my condition i can not work so am less active so i nod off all the time even when its bad during an email driving and talking:o:o it was better when i was sertrainline an antidepressant for some reason but i was swapped to another one to help with my pain condition, my dr has agreed to do a sleep study to see what is the problem. Does anyone else suffer like this??

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