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Starting two nights ago, my body literally shakes/twitches right when I start to doze off. BTW, this is not as I have read in some of the other forums something that happens and then the person goes on to get a good nights sleep. This is all night. The first night it was so bad that I don't remember getting any sleep. This was an additional (and the worst!) symptom to the following that I had days previously started experiencing: constant nausea, tingling/tickling/crawling skin all over body, cloudy mind/thinking and wired, weakness of body, shortness of breath (at times, but this could be from anxiety from the other). I am now experiencing twitching of muscles such as calfs, shoulders, etc. although this is bearable at the moment and I have only noticed this since having no sleep. Also, I have tried taking a pain killer, as I thought this would help me sleep, and it only helped somewhat but the problems were still there. I have been labeled as 'pre-diabetic' and I have for a long time 'shook alot' in my hands at different times of the day and have always attributed this to 'sugar problems'. This is all the relevant information I know of and would be glad to provide anymore. I am just hoping someone has had similiar problems and may could provide some advice as to what this may be.
The symptoms that you are describing almost sound like LYME disease. I have it and have foggy mind, neck and head pressure. Tingling of the hands, shortness of breath and the involuntary muscle twitches.

Do you live in a wooded area or have you visited an area where there is plenty of grass (country side)? Have you ever found a tick on you or have you ever had a bull's eye rash?

Please don't waste your time seeing a regular doctor and see what they call a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). Do a search for a Lyme support group in your area and have them direct you the the closest Lyme literate doctor in your area.

Good luck.

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