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Well, in the event that at some point in the future medical science actually figures these things out let me add my story in case it might help make sense of this phenomenon if anyone actually bothers to research it.

I'm 48, overweight, and female. Over ten years ago I started having these painful electrical shocks at night, and waking chest pain and tachycardia that lasted all the time. The shocks are so NOT the simple falling feeling thing that I used to get now and then when I was falling asleep. That would be like comparing a mouse with an elephant.

I had a whole lot of heart tests then, and basically was told it was anxiety. Okay. I also had high blood pressure. I starting taking blood pressure medication and effexor and buspar for anxiety. I'm told my high blood pressure is well controlled. The tachycardia never did go away but all the doctors ignore it. Odd, because they told me I had anxiety because of it but none of their anxiety meds ever got rid of it. But they tell me I'm cured.

Over the years I have still had these sensations, which for me are like a freakin cattle prod to various body parts, most recently in my face, during the night. I still have high blood pressure, and interestingly my heart rate at rest is still around 110 to 120 bpm (and yes I go to the gym). I get up to around 170 to 180 bpm standing or walking around (I bought a pulse oximeter to help keep track).

Medical professionals look right at these things and tell me I'm just anxious. I had a sleep study and it was normal, oddly enough because my husband complains loudly and frequently that my snoring and twitching keep him awake all the time. The sleep study showed no snoring, so my doctor says I don't snore. My husband has had to tell him I do, because he won't believe me. Now the doctor thinks my husband is as nuts as I am.

I wake up daily exhausted, unable to breathe through my nose, with painfully dry mouth and throat. My husband says I snore like nothing he has ever heard, gasp, choke, stop breathing, and twitch all night. I can't get another sleep study ordered because my doctor says the last one (almost seven years ago) was normal and won't order another.

Doctors keep telling me it is anxiety. I'm beyond exhausted. I had to stop working over five years ago. Now I can't drive anymore, can't focus very well, and I'm worried about being responsible for my children when I'm alone with them during the day. I am so exhausted that I feel every day like I'm moving through a dream underwater. My husband was worried I had a stroke several times because I couldn't talk clearly from the exhaustion. Nope, all in my head according to the doctors.

They say I'm just anxious and my sleep is normal.
I want to add that my mother had all of these same things and was told the same thing. She spent four days in a telemetry unit on a heart monitor and was discharged to home with a diagnosis of anxiety and no heart problem. She died two weeks later. They called it a sudden cardiac event on the death certificate. She was 52, overweight, with high blood pressure controlled on blood pressure medication. This was 22 years ago. I'm 48. I feel like this could happen to me any minute. And no, I'm not anxious about it, I'm just sad and resigned.

If anyone figures out a fix let me know. If anyone researches this, please check in and find out what happened to me. Thanks.

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