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[QUOTE=theramses;4803984]I've been having these weird electric/shock sensations occur right when I'm about to fall asleep.

It's hard to describe, but it's like my brain all of a sudden sends an electric current throughout my body waking me up? Could be my brain or my chest, I'm not even sure. All I know is when it happens it scares the crap out of me. I feel like I'm going to die or something.

I don't see any flashes or hear anything; it's just the sensation I feel. I'm not short of breath and my heart only races because it scares me.

They literally just started a week ago. Some nights it will only happen once or twice and I can get to sleep pretty easy. But there have been a couple nights where it happens like, 5 times. Those nights it's super hard to get to sleep because I'm scared, I don't want it to happen because it freaks me out every time. I do fall asleep eventually, but I stay up for hours on end out of fear.

It's weird because when I try to go to sleep for the first time, I'm super tired, but after these shocks happen it's like I'm wide awake after the bad ones. It's just frustrating because I haven't had a great nights sleep since this has started.

I just think it's weird that these have sprang up last week out of the blue? I've gone 22 years without them and they just start randomly? I think they may be related to stress, with me starting a new job, plus this year has been pretty stressful in general for me. But I find it really hard to calm down after it happens. :(

But anyway, sorry for rambling. Just was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this and any advice for maybe getting rid of them?

I've been having the same feelings. I will lay down and start to fall to sleep, and I'll get into a really deep sleep, almost like I'm losing consciousness or going into a coma.. I'll try to come out of it, wake up.. but I'll feel so tired, more tired then I've ever felt,, like I just cannot open my eyes and wake up.. but eventually I do wake myself up.. and then when I calm myself down and try to go back to sleep, the jolts will continue to happen every time I'm drifting off to sleep.. sometimes in my stomach/ chest.. Other nights before falling to sleep, when I'm almost asleep my brain makes a weird noise.. or I hear a noise.. from inside of my brain.. like a swoosh sound, or a door shutting.. I've noticed that when I get these feelings, after I wake myself up,, I'll make myself go drink some water, or stay up for about 20 minutes.. then I'll lay back down and be fine...
I take prilosec, someone mentioned they took that too. I get horrible heartburn and have been taking that for a few months. I also have Mitral Valve prolapse (where one valve in the heart don't always close all the way) and I take toprol xl... My gallbladder doesn't function.. but never had it removed.. Maybe if we all list what conditions we have and meciations we're all on, we'll find something in common that might be causing this. I also have horrible anxiety and severe depression. Been diagnosed with OCD, severe depression, anxiety.. borderline personality.. possible bipolar.. I read that bipolar people will have disruptions similar to these shocks we're having. I also get migraines where I see zigzags and go partially blinded in one eye for about 20 mins.. those are called aura migraines... I was taking prozac for about 3 years and stopped that a few months ago.. I was experiencing brain zaps.. which are common after stopping an anti depressant.. but these shocks are different then those. I've noticed that I get these sensations usually the week before I start my period or during my period... This is really scary and driving me crazy! Some nights I sleep fine.. but the last two nights its done the same thing... and I can feel migraine coming on right now! Which usually follow my period.. It's crazy that so many experience this but the doctors have no idea or clue what we're talking about...

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