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Hi, I have insomnia in which I have anxiety and racing thoughts. I take trazadone 200 mg along with 1mg of ativan. I used to take the trazadone with klonopin 1mg for years, but if I missed the klonopin one night then I would feel like crap the next day. For some reason the ativan doesn't do that although they are both in the benzo family. Well I have been on this combo for about 8 years now. It has always worked great for me. Nothing would wake me and I would wake up feeling pretty good. I do have vivid crazy dreams still after 8 years also, but I actually like dreaming :) It used to take me no time to fall asleep, but recently it has been taking anywhere from two to three hours sometimes. You are suppose to take trazadone with food, but sometimes when I'm laying in bed and not able to sleep I have to get up and actually "binge" on food mostly some type of I don't know whats going on with that...I have also been adding 10 mg of melatonin to the trazadone and ativan due to my not falling asleep well. Or even adding another mg of ativan or another 100mg of trazadone. I'm gonna go back to doc soon and see if I can get an increase. But anyways, I'm babbling, I've tried other meds but all in all, the trazadone/ativan or klonopin combo worked, but everyone reacts differently.

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