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Hi, I have the same problem and get woke up in the middle of the night out of a sound sleep. As soon as I wake up Im feeling overly anxious and my heart is racing fast and sometimes my skin starts to tingle. I want to run and get air cause sometimes it feels like I cant catch my breath. I'll go outside thinking fresh air might help but nothing. I start to pace while my heart is beating faster n faster and nothing but time helps. I know after having several of these that only time is going to help. I actually had one last night and the funny thing is I also take zetia and lisinopril and simvastatin , but right before bedtime is when i take em. The first time this happened it went on for 5 hours and I went to the hospital because I have heart disease very high in my family and thought maybe I was having a heart attack. Ive since had every heart test ruled out and know when these panic attacks happen it's NOt my heart. This past night when it happend it lasted about an hour. I've also learned I need to distract myself and talk myself down. Saying " Ok David, it's just a panic attack its not going to kill you, its going to go away in a half n hour, hang in there, breath slowly ." Ive read that sometimes yelling STOP inside your head actually helps , but it didnt really help me. I also got some homeopathic stuff at the health food store called RESCUE REMEDY for stress relief and panics but im not sure if it helps. It does NOT stop it immediately, but then I wonder if there is something out there that does. This morning I actually went for a mile walk and that seemed to help me get rid of the attack...either the walk or just time decide. It helps to get out and walk when this happens as long as you know to stay safe..; If you find anything that works for you to end the panic attacks right away, let me/us know. Sorry this is so long, but hopfully it can help someone out there...Good Luck..David in Az

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