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Too much dreaming
Mar 26, 2012
My age is 29.I have been dreaming all the night and waking up tired in the morning. This started happening from past 3years . Had weight gain about 10kgs. 3years back i felt tense and too much trauma mentally when my father is ill, at that time i was diagnosed with hypertension and migraine. i was treated for migraine with sibelium and hypertension with combination of potassium and calcium tablets. I continued above medicines for about 6months and in this period i have these continuous dreams in my sleep. In order to get my BP in control my doctor put me on Atenolol (25mg) then dreams stopped and i lost around 3kgs and getting sound sleep. but one day i am giving a competetive exam and felt too much tensed about result and from that day onwards i am starting getting these dreams again. till now(nearly 30 months) i am suffering with this problem. Thought that migraine meds are causing these dreams so i stopped using migriane drugs six months ago and still no respite. please help in finding cure for this problem any advice is appreciated. undergone sleep study, sleep apnea is ruled out, it came clean.

P.S - My dreams are of all sorts, very rarely i get nightmares. Even if i take an afternoon nap still i get these dreams (the moment i sleep).
I had the same problem for years. I do have sleep apnea; however, even after starting on a CPAP machine I still had dreams all night and even if I dozed off during the day, which I did even after being on CPAP. I moved to Tampa, FL and had to find a new sleep doctor, I found a good one. After completing a new sleep study, with CPAP used, my Dr saw that I was not getting into REM sleep any where near the length of time need. After discussing all of my medical history and symptoms he determined that I have narcolepsy; I thought that this was only a diagnosis for people who fall asleep with no warning. He told me that is only a percentage of narcolepsy cases. That I have it, based on these symptoms: sleep study showed very little REM sleep, dreaming immediately when I would fall asleep (even napping during the day), waking during a dream and then the same dream picks right back when drifting back off to sleep, and catoplexi (muscle week ness when excited).

My doctor prescribed Xyrem for me. It is very expensive, luckily my insurance covers most of it, I still pay $75 per month. It works, no more dream or any need for naps during the day.

Find a sleep doctor and have him/her evaluate you for narcolepsy.

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