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So how did u fix your problem ??? Your sleep problem like mines where you just can't fall asleep or stay asleep
hey guess what, you can go like that forever!.

For almost 8 years I cannot fall asleep naturally and need to take sleeping pills.
I was always able to sleep 8-9 hours a night even during stressful times(unviersity)I was sleeping.

Since the whiplash, I cannot sleep at all(naturally). My neck hurts me all the time and basically if wont' take sleeping meds I can stay awake or only sleep up to one hour. (if any).

so, yes, you can go on with your situation forever and you will still be alive. But you will suffer.

The good news are: since you don't suffer from pain, I truly truly believe your case is reversible. I am kind of jealous of you to be honest. You probably think too much that's why.

You should be GREATEFUL that you don't suffer from pain and insomnia. HOW COULD YOU TAKE BOTH? CAN YOU IMAGINE LIVING WITH PAIN 24 HOURS A DAY plus the inability to fall asleep naturally?
The not knowing why u can't sleep fuels a lot of anxiety my doctor told me to stay away from sleep meds I was taking Xanax at night thought I was sleeping all night my wife told me other wise I just didn't remember but even if you don't have sleep apnea a sleep study monitors everything brain waves eye movement arm and leg it could tell possibly what wakes you up it could dr also told me I have trouble falling asleep because of worrying about not sleeping hope they can figure it out though for you I having trouble falling asleep and staying awake each night with out sleep just causes the next day to suck and so on bottom line I feel your pain

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