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Dec 14, 2012
My sleep problem has kind of been on my back burner due to other health issues. I am kind of afraid to bring it up at this point for fear my doc may think I am hypochondriact; although other complaints have been validated so its not in my head. But it takes a long time for me to fall alsleep. Over an hour. And then I am not really asleep, like a light napping state. After about 30 minutes napping I wake up. About an hour later I finally fall asleep. I try to factor the whole 3 hours to get to sleep in to get an 8 hours night. I have a VERY hard time getting up in the morning. So once I get to sleep I sleep hard. I used to be the type of person up bright eyed and bushy tailed 0500 ready to go. And now I cant even get to work on time at 9am.

One thing that I wanted to add (may or may not be a factor) I was put in the hospital (for gallbladder issues) and they put me on a heart monitor. when I would get into my sleep alarms would go off and I would have an entire team standing over me. I have discovered that my blood pressure drops to nearly un-readable and my heart rate runs 40's. It was not due to narcotics. I was on nothing. After I had surg I was and it got even worse and they wouldnt give me anything stronger than norco because it was so scarey. So before I left they told me to get it looked at. as mentioned above other things have become more important and I havent brought it up.

But could the low heart rate and blood pressure when I sleep be an issue. When I am not sleeping, during a normal day it runs a little low but nothing the doc has mentioned when taking vitals. I am pretty sure this is why I have such a hard time waking but what about actually falling asleep. why the hour to nap then awake again? Any advice would be helpful (and I know I need to talk to my doc about it, I have just missed so much work due to other things and am afraid to have something else)

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