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This year I discovered that there were other people with a 'rythmic' sleep disorder that I've been embarrassed to admit. My father couldn't cope with my rocking at the age of 5, though my brothers in the same room could. He would punch me in the head in the middle of the night and I mean PUNCH. Consequently I have personality and psychological disorders and at 44 I rate it as a root cause in the ruin that my life became.
To partners, I did grow out of it but I had to make a conscious effort when I was with someone I cared for. I was afraid of spending the night for fear of my secret being found out.
I still don't know where it came from. I was otherwise an easy baby, quiet, and I do recall my parents going out because they knew I was no trouble. That was before the rythmic disorder. I've tried to explain it as arising from my attempt to overcome anxiety from feeling abandoned. I've also thought that I was retarded in some way but not mentally because I score well in IQ tests.
I still get the urge to rock and wonder if anyone knows the cause. My guess is it comes from early childhood - 'rock the baby to make it sleep'. Any thoughts, experiences?

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[This message has been edited by Neale (edited 12-27-2000).]
I rock all the time sitting up since I was a baby [I am 55 years old]. My sister does the same thing; she even banged her head against the wall while rocking. We just found out if you are not nutured or held much as a baby, this is common. That would make sense to me. It is anxiety according to a psychiatrist. I don't think you should feel bad. I have a rocking chair that I use, but I rock on stationary furniture also. I bet more people that you would think have a rocking habit; at sleep time or during the day. Best wishes.
My friend has a related disorder, called rhythymic-movement disorder. His disorder involves rocking suring sleep, but then bangs his head continuously for a period of time. He is a pHD superbrain and all his friends are aware of the disorder, making it easier for him to live with. From what I have been told, this disorder has NOTHING to do with abandonment etc but is thought to be genetic. These disorders can also come and go, particularly when one is stressed. My friend has been to doctors all his life (as his parents were concerned that he would damage himself) but no-one could tell him til recently what the problem was - he thought it was a psychological problem!
If you have this disorder and are concerned about it see your G.P. Zeta.

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