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I take ativan for sleep,, have for at least a year,, has the government really troubled me without me knowing it? Could my anxiety be from the medication reducing serotonin or what not in the brain? How many of you take ativan for sleep and feel that it is non addictive,, I don't take it during the day and I still feel it all day, very strong medicine, I take 5 mg of adderal in the morning for add,, I have recently stopped smoking pot, its been one month today and I can feel that my ability to be around people in general without feeling the flood of fear is alot easier than it was while I was smoking ,, but still I feel that the ativan makes me stupid,, like I have to read a paragraph of sentences at least 20 times before I understand everything it is saying,
is there an alternative to ativan? I have taken remeron, trazadone and tranxene in the past,, I know how it is to quit something cold turkey,, I shot morphine for quite some time and got off of it with my family's help and support,, it has been a year since I have shot anything,, so I am taking baby steps,, but I am prescribed a powerful stimulant and a powerful cns depressant, one for sleep and one for add,, should I worry about staying dependent? I mean, after all, they are prescribed

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