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I am trying to find out more information myself. My hubby says that I keep waking him up because my whole body twitches...I have no idea why.
There are two conditions that can cause these symptoms--restless leg syndrome (RLS) which makes the legs twitch and periodic limb movement syndrome/disorder (PLMS or PLMD) in which other parts of the body twitch also.

As Buffy indicated, leg twitches can accompany the sleep disorder sleep apnea...a person with apnea stops breathing for periods of time which can result in a significant drop of oxygen in the blood. Sometimes the rls goes away when the person is treated for apnea...but sometimes it doesn't.

I was diagnosed with apnea and with rls/plms and now use a cpap machine to sleep at night...I LOVE IT!!!! But it didn't do diddlysquat for my noturnal movements/jerks. Iron pills didn't help and neither did the Mirapex. However, I stopped jerking within 3 days of disco'ing some rx medication I had been taking.


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