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Re: Jumping awake
Feb 8, 2002
I have similar symptoms in that I have this leg "jump" or my body twitches as I am drifting off to sleep. Sometimes it is several times each night until I guess I can get back that initial stage.

I remember when I was younger, I used to wake up like that occasionally in the middle of the night. That was always weird because I seemed to consciously have a warning and then it would hit me and I would jerk and jolt awake.

I have tried Ambien, Sonata, and am starting my first week of elavil, and none of these affect my initial falling asleep where this happens. I don't have insomnia in the way that I cannot fall asleep(except for these jolts), but my insomnia is chronic in that I wake up anywhere from 5-8 times throughout the night. This has been every night for the past 10-15 years, roughly.

Good luck overcoming this one!!!

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