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I use 7 1/2 mg Remeron plus 5 to 10 mg Sonata as needed. Remeron is very sedating and Sonata seems to be a lesser of two evils (Ambien vs Sonata.) My insomnia started when I had a knee replacement, 2wks. in hosp., followed a month later with open heart bypass surgery, 5 days in hosp. Got home and couldn't sleep. Dr. gave me some Ambien. Studied up a bit and decided that was not the way I wanted to go. Gave up the Ambien causing night after night of no sleep leading to depression (unsure which came 1st.) Started off on Zoloft and gave it up as I thought it might exacerbate my insomnia. Went to Remeron and Sonata. My big concern right now is my insomnia as I think it will be difficult, if not impossible to work on depression while not being able to sleep night after night. I take my small dose of Remeron and go to bed about 1hr. later. If I am unable to fall asleep in 1hr, I take 1/2 capsule of Sonata, 5mg. My goal is to stop taking meds altogether. Would love opinions as to whether I am just putting off the inevitable, cold turkey the pills and go night after night with no sleep, or keep experimenting with low doses of meds. Realize there is no definitive answer. Firmly convinced that most Drs do not know enough about ADs.

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