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Re: Paxil or prozac
Oct 25, 2002
Well, I think it was for the sleep. I have heard that older antidepressants like Remoron and Trazadone are better but nothing is guareentee and all drugs for sleep have dependancy/tolerance/withdrawal issues!

I have heard that some sleep problems can resolve themselves if no other drugs are allowed to interfere with the brain re-learning sleep....alot of patience required and usually before the recovery of normal sleep most people will take prescription sleep meds. If one takes sleep meds like benzodiazepines, they create brain changes in sleep, and they actually WORSEN pre-existing insomnia, which is reversable but can take 3 months to 3 years to recover normal sleep again!!

Type in benzo withdrawal in your search engine and the first website from the U.K. has loads of info on benzodiazepines..also, Ambien is technically not a benzo but it is simular in it's act on the brain. Over the counter antihistamines are relativly safe and non-addicting but sometimes aren't strong enough to counter benzo withdrawals but can be tried for awhile.

And note that sleeping pill dependancy can happen at regular doses and in a short of a time as 2 weeks...this is underplayed and sometimes denied by most in the medical field but the website shows the studies and experiences of many medical professionals that show otherwise.

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