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I have this problem too! It's gotten so much worse since I've come to college though. I guess I don't have mom and dad yelling at me to go to sleep anymore so I don't even think about it.

I go to bed around 3am, if not later, every night and CAN'T get up in the morning, even if its 11am or 12pm! A few days ago, I slept through 4 alarm clocks after 7 hours of sleep! I usually have two alarm clocks set up and they go off within a few minutes of eachother. One is across the room. Here's what I do.. it goes off-I get out of bed-I press the snooze button-climb back into bed-fall back asleep-wake up to the second alarm clock-press that snooze button-and sleep for another few minutes until the cycle repeats itself over and over for two hours at a time sometimes. I don't know whats wrong with me.

As soon as I wake up... the only thought that gets me going is that I can come home and take a nap between classes. I usually take one or two naps a day no matter how much, or how little sleep I get. It's out of control. This sleep thing is hurting my relationships and it's such a waste of time. I don't even have a TV, but this takes more time out of my day anyway!

The only thing that ever gets me out of bed on weekends is knowing that other people will think I'm lazy and will give me a hard time. Nothing else does it. No matter what noises go on around me, how much I have to pee, or how bright my room is.. I can easily slip back asleep for hours.

I've always thought that if I got put in a controlled sleep-study room which was completely dark, silent and had no alarm clock, I could easily sleep for 30 hours or more. I would just keep waking up and falling back asleep.

Can anyone tell me whats wrong with me?

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