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Hi, i was just put on Elavil to try to help me sleep as i have trouble sleeping due to many illnesses. I was originally on Remeron which did not work well so we are trying this.

The dosage is 25mg at bedtime. I haven't started taking it yet as i have been reading up on it. Has anyone been on this or tried it? Did it help and did you suffer any side affects from it? I sure could use any help you could provide. Thank you for your kindness, Laurie
Well, yes, I have tried elavil for insomnia and hated it. My insomnia was so bad at the time due to zoloft withdawal, that it didn't make me sleep but certainly spaced me out the next day. Kind of a cold medicine side effect feeling. Under different circumstances, it may have helped me. 4 days of the side effects though and I was done with the med. Those are supposed to go away in time. Everyones different. I wouldn't be afraid of trying it as it's a fairly safe tricyclic antidepressant and may help you. If you can handle the side effects, you'll need to give it some time though.

Best of luck,
not sleeping is no fun!

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