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Hi, my name is Belle and I am an Ambien addict!
Not by choice. I WOULD NOT start out with 20mg WITHOUT knowing if the 10 works for you. I've been on Ambien for 3 years now. I started out with 5mg and not every night then it progressed to the point where I now have to take 25mg a night just so that I can get 2 hopefully 3 hours of sleep. Once you get heavily addicted to them you cannot just quit them cold turkey, trust me...I've tried. When I tried to quit cold turkey after my 4th day of no sleep, none...I was either going to kill myself or kill someone around me. My dear doc who knowingly aided my addiction decided to just cut me off, I never lied to him about how much I was taking and he knew I was more than doubling my dose to just get 2 to 3 hours of sleep. I'm now having to go to an online pharmacy and pay triple the cost just to get a few hours sleep.

I never had side effects the first few years but this last year since I went up in dose I now do things in my sleep (i guess) that I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION of doing. The first time my husband mentioned it I thought he was joking (which is not in my husbands nature). When I realized he was not it freaked me out because I really have NO, NONE, NADA recollection I peformed the acts he said I did. I have now discovered several other occasions where I have done things and would swear on my life I didn't do them. Some of the things involve actually going from the main house into the guesthouse whipping up STRANGE stuff to eat among other things. So it's not like I'm just getting up in one room and doing some small task I don't remember. It's quite scary to think I'm capable of doing something I can't remember.

Sorry I have rambled on but I have to advise anyone NOT to take them on a nightly basis and do not take more than the recommended dose.

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